June 2018

Be Better. Aim Higher.

Jesus describes here a level of living none of us can keep, and that is what is so beautiful about it. If anyonecould attain this ethic, we would be looking to them as our standard. Because no one can be this good, ouraim must be higher than the height of those around us. Released: 2018

Be Shining Lights!

Jesus tells His disciples that we are the light of the world, then He commands us to shine! Philippians 4 gives us specifics on how to be a light worth seeing as was Paul. Released: 2018.

We Are Salt!

Jesus informs His followers here that they are the salt of the earth right after he had taught them the “Beattitudes.” The right attitudes He taught will equip us to be preserving and savory salt in this Earth for His glory. May we be used to help preserve and flavor things like Bible doctrine, God-ordained […]

May 2018

Blessed Attitude

Attitude is so often the difference between those succeeding and those not…between those following Christ and those not. Jesus taught His disciples to focus on developing a “Blessed Attitude!” Released: 2018.

Faithful Amidst Friction

“We may not experience downright persecution as some described here, but we do experience friction if we are doing anything for Christ. Let’s be faithful amidst friction.” Released: 2018.

The Pain and Blessings of Peacemaking

“On this Mother’s Day, I want to communicate a parallel I see between motherhood and the 7th “Be Attitude” of Matthew 5–“Blessed are the peacemakers.” Released: 2018.

The Power of a Pure Heart

A pure heart is a lifestyle and pursuit with Jesus, not something you achieve. Consider the descriptions and blessings of a pure heart in this sermon.

April 2018

Mercy Moves

“Mercy shapes our views and moves people.” Released: 2018.

Blessed Hunger

“What if we were as hungry for righteous as we are a delicious meal?”. Released: 2018.

Blessed Meek

Meekness, the place of true enduring strength”. Released: 2018.

Blessed Mourning

How Godly mourning leads to repentance, caring and comfort. Released: 2018.

March 2018

Know You’re Needy

The lack of spiritual riches and gifts is seen by Scripture as an especially distressing cause of poverty. Awareness of spiritual poverty leads to a turning towards God in order to receive the riches he graciously offers through the gospel. “Know You’re Needy”.