September 2018

Great Fear – Part 2

As the Holy Spirit was given and the early church was being formed and multiplied, God made sure the church knew the importance of fearing Him. A healthy church fears God and experiences great benefits of doing so. Released: 2018.

Great Fear

“Great Fear” from Lakeshore Baptist Church by Pastor John Cole. Released: 2018.

August 2018

Not So Lame

Have you ever been discouraged about a condition? A situation? A personality or character trait? A physical trait? A habit? A location? A job? Place in life? Today, I want to show you how the lame man was “not so lame” after all. Released: 2018.

A Spirit-led Church

The church depends upon the activity of the Holy Spirit, without which its effective and faithful service is impossible. May we walk in the Spirit and be a Spirit-led church. Released: 2018.

A Worthy Wait, A Wondrous Work

The OT foretold and Jesus Christ reaffirmed that the Holy Spirit would be poured out on God’s people, transforming, empowering and gifting them. Do we value this powerful promise and provision? We will wait on Him for His filling and allow Him to work through us wondrous works? Released: 2018.

Powerful Doctrine

Jesus’ teaching was powerful and authoritative. Released: 2018.

July 2018

To Judge or Not to Judge, That is Not the Question, Part 2 of 2

We cannot simply remove the responsibility of judging people. Doing so would be an oversimplification thatwould lead us to error. Since we must judge people, we must judge rightly. Released: 2018.

To Judge or Not to Judge – Part One

Judging people is a greater part of our life than we like to admit. Is it wrong? Can you live without judging people? Is there a correct way to judge? Matthew 7 gives us insights from Jesus into these questions. Released: 2018.

Good Ideas – Three Eternal Investments

“Good Ideas – Three Eternal Investments” from Lakeshore Baptist Church by Pastor John Cole. Released: 2018.

Quiet Good Brings Lasting Results

“Quiet Good Brings Lasting Peace” from Lakeshore Baptist Church by Pastor John Cole. Released: 2018.

June 2018

Be Better. Aim Higher.

Jesus describes here a level of living none of us can keep, and that is what is so beautiful about it. If anyonecould attain this ethic, we would be looking to them as our standard. Because no one can be this good, ouraim must be higher than the height of those around us. Released: 2018

Be Shining Lights!

Jesus tells His disciples that we are the light of the world, then He commands us to shine! Philippians 4 gives us specifics on how to be a light worth seeing as was Paul. Released: 2018.