May 2019

Psalm 13 | How Long?!

Key Topics: Conflict; Doubt; Despair; Depression; Hope; Praise; Trust / Psalm 13; Jeremiah 20   We seem to think other people, especially those in the Bible, don’t struggle like we do. They do, and they did. We are not alone in our internal struggles and thought battles. In this sermon, see how people like David, […]

Psalm 8 | God’s Majesty Exalts Through Our Frailty

  Key Topics: Majesty; Weakness; Worship; Royal; Humility   Summary: God’s majesty visits our frailty and exalts the humble to royalty. You are significant to God. Trust His presence to lift you up, not your wisdom. Steward well what He entrusts you.     TEXT Psalm 8 KJV To the chief Musician upon Gittith, A […]

Psalm 2 | Kiss the Son, Embrace the Blessed Inevitable

“Psalm 2 | Kiss the Son, Embrace the Blessed Inevitable” from Lakeshore Baptist Church by Pastor John Cole. Released: 2019. Genre: Preaching.

April 2019

Psalm 1 | Am I Blessed? – The Blessed vs The Judged

Are you blessed? Psalm one describes the blessed vs. the judged person. Released: 2019