October 2016

Four Signs of a Healthy Christian Heart (Part 1 of 4)

In this parable, we find two primary applications: Keep it. Sow it. There are three primary objects in this parable: the sower, the seed, and the soil. – Sower: Jesus and believers who share His message (Mt. 13:37) – Seed: Word of God (Luke 8:11) – Soil: Hearers (Luke 8:12-15) Luke 8:4-15 The four types […]

The Influence of Encouragement

John is in prison and losing his influence. John had been put in prison by Herod. Herod had married his own sister-in-law, and John publicly rebuked Herod’s flagrant sin (Mt 14:3-5). John had stated several times that he must decrease and Christ must increase. John had directed his many disciples to follow Christ. In prison, […]

Ten Preventions to a Divided House

The Secret to Unconditional Love

Each and everyone of us desires to be loved, so why don’t we do it more? What is the secret to this great mystery? How can the very thing we all crave be so hard to find and give? Could it be that love is found in something else that is harder to find and […]

September 2016

The Heavenly Ladder

Everyone wants to advance in their life in some way, but the avenues in which people try to climb are as numerous as there are people. If you look around, you will see people climbing the . . . Corporate ladder Religious ladder Family ladder People ladder Community ladder Government ladder Business ladder Money ladder […]

August 2016

Four Lessons from the Temptations of Christ

Matthew 4 and Luke 4 reveal a dialogue between Jesus and Satan during Jesus’ 40-day fast and temptation in the wilderness. According to Mark 1:13 and Luke 4:2, Jesus had been tempted of Satan all 40 days, over and above the recorded temptations. Notice that directly after he was declared to be the Son of […]