February 2018

Daily Discipleship

Jesus deserves daily disciples. The only way to find the life Jesus has for us is to follow Him daily. Look at three commitments of daily discipleship.

Count the Cost

“Count the Cost”. Following Jesus will cost you. Released: 2018.

What Kind of Leader is Jesus – Part 2

Everyone admires a servant leader, but few want to be one. Jesus invites us to both follow and copy His servant leadership. Learn three more descriptions of how Jesus leads.

January 2018

What Kind of Leader is Jesus?

“What Kind of Leader is Jesus?”. Released: 2018.

What’s it Look Like?

What does it look like to be a disciple of Jesus? Released: 2018.

The Lid of Leadership

Exploring the limiting factors in our effectiveness for God.”The Lid of Leadership”. Released: 2018.

December 2017

New Year, New Me

New Year New Me – A message to bring in 2018. Released: 2017.

We Need Jesus

This Christmas Eve we explore why “We Need Jesus” Released: 2017.

Five Realities of Christmas

November 2017

Veterans Day Message

October 2016

Four Signs of a Healthy Christian Heart (Part 1 of 4)

In this parable, we find two primary applications: Keep it. Sow it.

There are three primary objects in this parable: the sower, the seed, and the soil.

– Sower: Jesus and believers who share His message (Mt. 13:37)
– Seed: Word of God (Luke 8:11)
– Soil: Hearers (Luke 8:12-15)

Luke 8:4-15

The four types of soil represent different responses to God’s message. People respond differently because they are in different states of readiness.

Some are hardened, others are shallow, oth

The Influence of Encouragement

John is in prison and losing his influence.

John had been put in prison by Herod. Herod had married his own sister-in-law, and John publicly rebuked Herod’s flagrant sin (Mt 14:3-5).

John had stated several times that he must decrease and Christ must increase.

John had directed his many disciples to follow Christ.

In prison, John struggles with his faith that Jesus is Christ.

John struggles with losing his followers and being placed into prison.

Jesus sent disciples back to J