October 2019

Psalm 119 | #4 God’s Word Lightens Our Way

Psalm 119:105 | #4 God’s Word Lightens Our Way

Jesus & Me in the Psalms


Consider the significance of God’s Word being available as both a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. God’s Word shines the truth of God into the deception of darkness and helps guide the steps and way of its followers.



Psalm 119:105 KJV

105 NUN. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, An

God’s Word Invites Relationship with People (Selected Scriptures)

Life is really about relationships, and God’s Word invites us to center our relationships around it and Christ. In this sermon, we will look in the Scriptures at three types of people with whom we are invited to relate in God’s Word.

2 Chronicles | A Visitation from God

“2 Chronicles | A Visitation from God” from Lakeshore Baptist by James Anderson. Released: 2019. Genre: Preaching.

Psalm 119 | #2 God’s Word Invites Relationship (Part 1)

You know, people and corporations pay big bucks for authors to teach, coach, and consult based on their books. Some books develop into websites, videos, consultant teams, conferences, and even movements. Yet, there is only one book through which the Author invites a personal, eternal relationship full of teaching, tutoring, and joy, and that is God’s Word! How well are you relating to it and its Author?

September 2019

Psalm 119 | #1 God’s Word Is Truth

What is  truth ? Truth is unchanging,  enduring , transcendent  trustworthiness. Today, I am going to lay out a biblical case for the existence and value of truth.



Psalm 119 | Loving What God Says

Fearing God and loving what God says go together. Having a deep awe and reverence for God means we have a deep awe and reverence for His Word. Do you love God’s words, statutes, laws, and commands? Psalm 119 is written by a psalmist who does.

A Fear and Love for God’s Words



Psalm 112 | The Redeemed Righteous and the Fearless Fearful

Psalm 111 displays several attributes of righteous God, and Psalm 112 reveals those same attributes in the life of the righteous, God-fearing follower of God. As a redeemed follower of God, would you say these attributes are evident in your life?    

Psalm 112 | The Redeemed Righteous and the Fearless Fearful

Psalm 110 | Follow Your Priest-King

Be inspired from one of the most cited Old Testament passages to faithfully follow your Priest-King.

Psalm 110 | Follow Your Priest-King


Jesus & Me in the Psalms


Psalm 91 | A Dialogue of Trust

Psalm 91 invites us in on a dialogue of trust between the Psalmist, the worshiper, and God Himself. Let this psalm encourage you to have trusting fellowship with God.    

Psalm 91 | A Dialogue of Trust

Jesus & Me in the Psalms / Trust; Trustworthy; Defense; Provide; Love;

August 2019

Psalm 90 | Limited Life, Unlimited God

Summary: As humans, we are limited and frail, but God is unlimited. Come to Jesus. Come to God. Seek His wisdom, mercy, and grace.

Limited Life, Unlimited God

John Cole

Jesus & Me in the Psalm  / Mortality; Being and Attributes of God; Wisdom; Mercy; God: Grace / Psalm




Psalm 84 | Desires God Blesses

Be blessed by God as you desire first God’s way and presence.

John Cole; Jesus & Me in the Psalm / God: Presence; Dwell; Endurance; Choose


Psalm 72 | We Need Our King

It is easy for us to not notice how much this world needs the return of Christ. Our world as a whole is divided and scattered in confusion “as sheep without a shepherd.” The world will remain this way until Jesus returns and leads the world in peace, righteousness and blessing. Until then, we ought to desire Jesus’ rule, seek His kingdom, and exalt His